Candycane (t0nguet1ed) wrote in candiceandclare,

Memorieeesss...... @ 2002-04-12

Writen by Clare:
Today after school I waited with Candice for Graham to get out of his Cuba meeting, because they had planned to hang out. We were enjoying a couple Grande Mocha Frappechinos in front of the post office when we spotted Graham over at the park (his hair is flamingly bright bleached blond). He wasn't calling Candice like he had said he would.

So we went over to the park to talk to him. He was leaving to go over to Payer's house with some other guys. Candice isn't allowed to go to Payer's house. So basically Graham was ditching her.

We started walking the other way, towards our houses, and began getting mad at him. So we hatched yet another genius plan!

We walked by the free box on the way to my house. We dug through all the goodies in there and found a huge pair of blue women's jockey underwear. We proceeded to take said underwear to my house and smear Dove Dark Chocolate sauce in the crotch area. We balled up the panties so the "poo" was on the inside and secured it with a couple rubber bands.

Then I drove us over to Payer's house. We started freaking out driving up the street, but decided that pretty much no matter what Candice was going to throw it at the house. So as we drove up we saw that everybody was out on the porch. We saw Mike outside, and Bubba yelled hi to Candice. Candice was brave enough to go ahead and chuck the balled up poo panties at the house anyways, and we drove away laughing our asses off.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's what you fucking get for messing with Candice and Clare! They gon open up them panties and they gon get choklit on they stanky ass hands!!!
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