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I've been looking back at my entries, and here's a great one from a youth and government trip me and clare took.

"At Sacramento right now (duh). We got the internet working up in our room. Haha, suck dorks. It costs a dollar every time we connect, so we're trying to say on-line 24/7 so we only have to pay once (or a few times) haha. Such cheap-ass'!
I'm actually have fun up here. Last night was super fun. We all (Me, clare, tree and other Claire) did face masks, and giggled, and prank called, and stuff. Haha, people were prank calling us too. Fun stuff. Oh oh oh!!! There's this guy here with a mullet! Haha, and he was walking by his friend and we heard him say: "We're in room 355, dickface!" Haha, so as soon as we got to our room, we prank called him, and he answered: "Who be dis?" And we hung up.. actually, we tryed to connect him to Eathan.. but we're a little slow I think. Heh. But fun times.
Oh oh oh!!! And we saw Micheal Jordan, and we asked him boxers or brief's, and he said: "Let's just say it's Hanes". Hahaha, ok, not really, but me might have.. but we really did see him! That was cool. Me and clare's plan is to moon him from our balcaony. Haha, and if not him, at least a few dozen random people. God, I always have so much fun with clare cuz she's almost as crazy as me. Heh. Good 'ol Clare. I'm so gald she's my friend. She makes everything like.. 100 times better. :) Yey. I love Clare. And clare whenever you read this: I LOVE YOU! Aww..
Anyway, past rthat sappy crap. Me and Clare are so crazy! There's like a newspaper thingy here, and you can write like.. little add's or little notes to people in it. And Me and clare were gonna write ones to people back in Berkeley, and then give it too them. Cuz like, if someone had done that for us we would all be super happy and flatter and stuff. but then we decided that we are already to psychotic, and we should try and hide it somewhat. Heh. Plus it probley wouldn;t mean as much to other people.. but yea.
Humm.. me and Clare look so hott/cute in our lobbyiest outfits!!! Don't worry, we'll take a thousand pictures! Heh. ..just... kidding..
Hahaha, me and clare are totally psychic! Right when I was thinking that we should jump on the beds, she suggested it!! Hahaha, that is sooo much fun! We mussed up claire and Tree's bed more then ours! heh.
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